Working From Home Product Suggestions

While a lot of the world has been rendered housebound, we are fully aware that you may have been taken away from the products and resources you had available in your workplace or at school. So to combat this, we wanted to highlight some suggestions of replacement products, that you can order from us anytime, during this crisis.

IIf you buy from this page, YOU will be helping to aid the efforts of those on the front line. Pretorian will donate 10% of all UK sales from this page, to the production of PPE for the NHS.


n-Abler Pro Trackball n-Abler Pro Joystick
  • Mouse alternative for computer and device users with limited hand control, motor skill difficulties and hand or wrist tremors, but is suitable for a range of other impediments
  • Plug and play installation – no drivers or software required
  • Three-point fixing for mounting systems if required
  • Anti-Tremor feature allows people with any hand tremors to be able to navigate easier, as it pulls out the excess trackball/joystick movement
  • New Dwell Clicker feature as well as a Pan Button to allow easy navigation of documents


  • Great for users with Muscular Dystrophy, Motor Neurone Disease and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • No hand or wrist movement required, suitable for severe motor skill difficulties and movement impairment
  • Concentric touch-sensitive buttons for left click, right click, double click, and drag.
  • Switch adapted if required, for left and right click
  • Plug and play installation – no drivers or software required


  • Completely wireless Bluetooth mouse alternative, suitable for any Bluetooth-connectable device, including full functionality with iOS Assistive Touch
  • 4 cursor speeds, 3 recessed buttons, 2 sockets – all programmable
  • Built-in lithium rechargeable battery – typical 15 hours of constant use between charges.
  • Huge range of functionality giving a wide range of usage options for the 3 buttons and 2 switch sockets
  • Light but robust, and three-point mountable if needed.

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