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Get scanning and switch access to your apps, music, photography etc, with the Switch2Scan from Pretorian.


Switch2Scan is predominantly an iOS Voiceover access device and as such is intended for users with visual impairments. It affords the user full scanning access using Voiceover.

Although iOS Switch Control has largely overtaken Voiceover as a scanning switch access technique, the visually impaired can still benefit from using Voiceover and it is for these users that Switch2Scan is intended.

Another fantastic use of Switch2Scan is page turning in iBooks. The unit may be configured to achieve true single-click page turning (both page forward and page back), which is only possible using Switch Control in iOS. In fact this is one of the main reasons that users purchase Switch2Scan as this enables scanning the user interface to be very much simplified for a range of users.

Press the QuickAccess button and the switches are automatically changed to space, enter, ~1 and ~3 without affecting the switch settings, allowing you quick and easy access to switch adapted apps and iOS Switch Control, should it be required. This can allow the Switch2Scan to spread its wings and be used with Chromebooks or Android Switch-adapted apps, as some of these only require Space and Enter. One more press of QuickAccess and you’re back where you were.

If the user is neither visually impaired nor requires one-click access to iBooks page turning, APPlicator or iSwitch may be a better choice of product. Please consult with Pretorian or your local Pretorian reseller before purchasing.


  • Scans using Voiceover or Switch Control on iOS
  • Manual and automatic scanning modes, with Four Scanning speed options.
  • Forward and backward scanning.
  • On-Screen keyboard scanning.
  • QuickAccess mode, which can be great from Chromebook or Android usage.
  • Works with any iDevices
  • Simple access to iBooks® mode with page-turner.
  • Integral button to deploy or hide the on-screen keyboard.
  • Integral, rechargeable lithium-ion battery via USB lead (supplied).
  • Pairs directly with iPad® through Bluetooth 2.1 without PIN number entry, and has a 20 metres (64 feet) operating range.
  • Small footprint (90mm x 64mm x 18mm).

Used For

  • Tablet Access - iDevices
  • Some switch-adapted apps on Chromebook and Android tablets

Support Documents

Download the Switch2Scan User Documents


Switch2Scan (Deutsch)


1. Switch2Scan with Switch Control

Switch2Scan Using Voiceover

1. Switch2Scan Single Switch Mode

2. Switch2Scan Two Switch Mode

3. Switch2Scan Three Switch Mode

4. Switch2Scan Four Switch Mode

5. Switch2Scan iBooks Mode