SimplyWorks Trackball

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The SimplyWorks Trackball can be used with any SimplyWorks receivers for computer input, or to control toys and other battery operated appliances.

Works with iPad


The SimplyWorks® Trackball uses the latest wireless and optical technologies for interference free operation and silky smooth ball movement.

Lightweight and robustly constructed with no mechanical wearing parts, the SimplyWorks® Trackball can be used as either a desktop or hand-held unit.

The SimplyWorks® Trackball also features colour coded Left/Right and Drag Lock buttons mounted sub-flush to prevent accidental operation.

Did you know?

When paired with a SimplyWorks Control for toy control, or an Energise/iClick for mains appliance control, SimplyWorks Joystick becomes a ‘wobble switch’.


180mm x 102mm x 112mm high (joystick)
or 75mm high (trackball).

Palm rest height approx 35mm.


  • Works with any SimplyWorks® receiver for computer input or toy control.
  • Uses 2.4GHz global, licence-free ISM radio band.
  • State-of-the-art radio link with an interference free operating range exceeding 10 metres.
  • Durable Opitcal technology with a large, light touch, free-running ball, and silky smooth ball movement.
  • Low profile providing a natural hand rest for comfortable operation.
  • Left/Right and Drag Lock buttons
  • Colour coded buttons mounted sub-flush to prevent accidental activation.
  • Trackball sockets to operate Left/Right click buttons from remote switches
  • Easy 'plug and play' installation (no additional drivers required)
  • Auto detecting PS2 and USB protocols

Used For

  • Computer Access
  • Tablet Access - Android
  • Ageing Resources
  • Wireless Connectivity

Support Documents

Download the SimplyWorks Trackball User Documents

SimplyWorks Trackball

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