SimplyWorks Starter Bundle

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The SimplyWorks Starter Bundle allows a range of users to get set-up and going with our wireless switch access range.

Switch 125 Colour
Switch 75 Colour


Within this bundle you will find all the products you need to get your devices “Simply Working” with wireless switches. SimplyWorks® devices allow switches control of mains devices, toys/other fun activities, and digital devices such as computers, tablets and phones, all without wires.

This bundle offers the following products:

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To find out more about SimplyWorks and some example configurations of how you may combine the products, click here


  • No need to worry about what items you may need for general connectivity
  • Switches can be used wirelessly, so great for use on mounts and wheelchair set-ups
  • Flexibility of equipment across digital devices, toys, and appliances
  • Encourages learning, fun, and independence across homes and classrooms
  • Simple to set up across the range
  • Easy ‘plug and play’ installation, no drivers or software needed, it just “works”!

Used For

  • Digital device access – ALL PCs, Chromebooks, Macs, Tablets, and iPads
  • Toy control
  • Appliance control