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The SimplyWorks SEND is a single channel wireless transmitter which acts as an interface between any wired switch and any SimplyWorks receiver.


SimplyWorks SEND is very similar to SimplyWorks Switches, just not built into a switch! Instead, you can use it to make any switch part of a SimplyWorks configuration, allowing foot switches, pillow switches, sip/puff and other, less common switches to become wireless. Simply plug the switch into the 3.5mm socket on Send, pair it to the SimplyWorks receiver you’d like it to work with and it’s now wireless.

Did you know?

You can use any switch with SimplyWorks Send to wirelessly control a mains powered appliance by pairing it with SimplyWorks Energise.

If you are using the switch to achieve computer access, you will also need to set the function of the switch- for example you may want to make it Left Click or Space. This can be achieved using the simple display and keypad on Send.

The unit requires 2 x AAA batteries which will give many months of use. As usual with Pretorian products, no on/off switch is provided - the unit automatically goes to sleep after a period of inactivity to conserve battery life.


  • Works with any SimplyWorks receiver for computer or stand-alone switch access.
  • Single 3.5mm jack socket input from any switch.
  • Identical functions to SimplyWorks Switch 125 but allowing other types of switch to be used such as foot switches, sip/puff switches etc.
  • 10 metre operating range.
  • Integrated LED display to allow switch function to be selected when used for computer access.
  • Automatic power saving mode - no on/off switch.
  • Long battery life.

Used For

  • Computer Access
  • Tablet Access - Android
  • Switch Activities
  • Environmental Control
  • Wireless Connectivity

Support Documents

Download the SimplyWorks SEND User Documents

SimplyWorks SEND

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