Mouse Alternatives

Assistive Mouse Alternatives are perhaps the products that Pretorian is best known for - our range is large, innovative and comprehensive.

Setup note - None of the products require drivers - a crucial point in modern schools since their computer systems are frequently managed by third parties and are ‘locked down’ to prevent drivers being loaded by teaching staff. Pretorian Technologies' mouse alternatives hold all the information that is required in the product itself, so drivers are not necessary and they can be moved from computer to computer and still retain their settings.

Whether your requirement is for a general purpose joystick or a specialist input device for a user with a particular disability, Pretorian has the answer – use the below grid to help you find out what you require from our range:

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SimplyWorks Joystick
SimplyWorks Joystick
Ex. VAT: £215.00
VAT amount: £43.00
SimplyWorks Trackball
Ex. VAT: £143.00
VAT amount: £28.60
Slimline Joystick
Slimline Joystick
Ex. VAT: £177.00
VAT amount: £35.40
Ex. VAT: £154.00
VAT amount: £30.80
Ultra Joystick
Ultra Joystick
Ex. VAT: £319.00
VAT amount: £63.80
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