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While a lot of the world has been rendered housebound, we are fully aware that you may have been taken away from the products and resources you had available in your workplace or at school. So to combat this, we wanted to highlight some suggestions of replacement products, that you can order from us anytime, during this crisis.

IIf you buy from this page, YOU will be helping to aid the efforts of those on the front line. Pretorian will donate 10% of all UK sales from this page, to the production of PPE for the NHS.

Simple Switch Interface Set

  • 2 x 75mm Smoothies (Red & Yellow) and 1 x Simple Switch Interface
  • Providing easy and cost-effective switch access to computers and other devices
  • Extremely low profile and operating force for the Smoothies
  • - Space and Enter as standard for use on HelpKidzLearn for example
  • It can also function as Left and Right Click, F7 / F8 for Clicker from Crick Gamepad 1 and 2 for use with The Grid from Smartbox
  • No drivers required – fully plug and play

SimplyWorks Switch Set

SimpleWorks Switch Set
  • 2 x SimplyWorks Switch 75mm switches (available in any combination of 4 colours), and 1 x SimplyWorks RECEIVE:2
  • Multi-Channel wireless receiver with range in excess of 10m supporting up to 6 transmitters at the same time
  • Extremely low-profile switches
  • USB connectivity for RECEIVE:2 and the switches have a long battery life
  • Switches can be used for SmartTV navigation to access HelpKidzLearn packages and apps

APPlicator or iSwitch


  • Both Bluetooth switch access devices, iSwitch and APPlicator have identical functionality but differ in suitability of user
  • The other difference of course, is that iSwitch has a switch built-in plus 2 x wired switch sockets, whereas APPlicator has 4 x wired switch sockets – all 3.5mm
  • Great for any app that is switch adapted, with 24 functions available across a wide range of functions supporting play/pause, skip forward, skip back, volume adjustment, timed play and more.
  • Functional with iOS Switch Control, on auto or manual scanning for iPad

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