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Flex Controller is a new and exciting addition to the disabled gaming community that allows gamers to use external switches and joysticks to play video games on Nintendo Switch. Flex Controller may also be used for gaming on a Windows 10 PC. Please note that the Nintendo Switch must be in its docking station to allow the Flex Controller to be connected.

Flex Controller

Any switches that terminate in a 3.5mm jack plug may be used- for example Pretorian’s Smoothie 75 and Smoothie 125. The joysticks, if required, need to be Optima Joysticks or one of the compatible Hori controllers (see compatibility list below). It is expected that Ultra Joystick and others from the Pretorian range will be added later this year.

The free of charge Flex Controller Settings App for Windows 101 allows the configuration of each switch and joystick including novel settings such as double press interval, ‘ignore repeated press period’ for users with tremors and programmable dead-banding, orientation and sensitivity for the joysticks. Once all the required settings have been programmed, they may be saved in one of 12 Profiles (6 for Nintendo Switch and 6 for PC) and recalled as required. This app may be downloaded below.

When using Flex Controller on a PC, a Tobii Eye-Tracker 4C or 5 may be connected to the PC and used to facilitate eye-gaze gaming. The Flex Controller Eye-tracker App (FCEA) may be downloaded below along with instructions on how to install and use it. The game may either be running on the PC itself or on a docked Nintendo Switch, with both requiring an additional cable to do so. Using the Nintendo Switch via a PC requires a low-cost video capture device supported by software such as OBS Studio.

Please note that Flex Controller cannot be used with Nintendo Switch Lite, nor with Nintendo Switch in handheld mode.

Compatible Joysticks

  • Optima Joystick, from Pretorian Technologies
  • Horipad for Nintendo Switch
  • Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa for Nintendo Switch
  • Battle Pad for Nintendo Switch
  • Nintendo Switch HORIPAD Mini


  • Use with Nintendo Switch (in TV mode via docking station) or Windows 10.
  • 18 sockets (3.5mm) for all types of switch.
  • Two USB sockets for joysticks (see compatibility list).
  • Twelve profiles allow customisation of switch actions using PC app.
  • Expansion app for Windows 10 allows Flex to be used with Tobii Eye-Tracker 4C or 5.
  • Can be mounted using ¼” bush on back of unit.

Used For

  • Gaming using either switches/joystick or eye-gaze on Nintendo Switch or Windows 10 computer.

Support Documents

Download the Flex Controller User Documents

Flex Controller Instructions

Flex Controller Instructions

Flex Controller Instructions

Flex Controller Instructions

Flex Controller Instructions

Flex Controller Instructions

FCEA Instructions


Flex Controller Settings App



Co-Piloting on the Nintendo Switch?? With Flex Controller, you can even do it with EyeGaze!

Nintendo Switch using EyeGaze with Flex Controller - MACROS!

1Windows 8.1 may be used with additional driver- please contact us for further details.

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