Customer Service


Pretorian Technologies is committed to providing the very best products and the very best customer service. Fairness is our number one objective. The following terms and conditions are provided to form an understanding between you, the buyer, and us, the seller, for the purposes of protecting our mutual interests.

Shipping addresses

You may purchase from our website for shipment to UK delivery addresses only.


We will ship your goods on the next working day or contact you in the unlikely event that we are unable to. We will ship to you using a next-day carrier service.

Payment Methods

Payment must be effected prior to shipment for all website orders, using our secure checkout facility. If you are a corporate buyer or ordering on behalf of a school or health authority, you may optionally contact us to set up a credit account. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Should you wish to pay be cheque, please contact us prior to placing the order on 01427 678990.

Your invoice is included in the shipment and will not be sent under separate cover. Please make sure that you identify it on receipt of your order and keep it for your records as it also forms the product warranty.