Cursor Input Devices

Our range of mouse alternatives is by far the largest in the world for Assistive Technology users and encompasses a huge number of options to cater for the broadest possible range of disabilities. Whether it be wireless connectivity, anti-tremor features, switch-only cursor control or units that are suitable for users with particular disabilities, Pretorian has the answer.

In 2019, Apple introduced mouse support via the Assistive Touch feature in iOS13 for mobile and iPad, making the devices even more accessible. All of Pretorian’s existing range of USB devices can be used directly simply by purchasing an inexpensive adapter cable (often referred to as a camera adapter cable). These are available from major hardware retailers such as Amazon and are manufactured by both Apple and third parties*. If you already have Pretorian mouse alternatives, the adapter is all that you need to start to benefit from this new Apple feature.

If you are looking to purchase new mouse alternatives, you have the choice of either buying a USB device from our huge range or opting for our new BlueLine Bluetooth Joystick. USB products will give you connectivity to almost every kind of device including PC, Mac, Chromebook, iPad/iPhone and some Android devices, allowing you to use Pretorian products in almost any situation. Alternatively, if you purchase a BlueLine Joystick, this will give you wireless connectivity to any device which has built-in Bluetooth (or with use of a plugged-in dongle for the device) which means you won’t need to use an adapter cable. This of course encompasses all tablet devices, whether they are running iOS or Android. BlueLine includes many new features to make tablet devices more accessible such as Move Right/Left and Dwell Click. We have some great content highlighting these features on the product page.


Mouse Alternatives by Feature

Cursor Input Device Connection Choices