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Optima Joystick

The Optima Joystick is a compact, desktop joystick that does not require fine motor skills and is suitable for a wide spectrum of computer users.

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Assistive Technology For iPad

  • Option for two additional wired switches.
  • Access to music, media, still and video photography.
  • Small footprint (only 75mm) and low profile.

  • For use with switch adapted apps.
  • Allows switch access to music
  • Take photos & record video using switches.

  • Scan home screen & select Apps
  • Navigate within Apps*
  • Page turning in iBooks®
  • Access internet & email
  • Scan on-screen keyboard

  • Highly intuitive scanning
  • Unique line by line scanning facility
  • Joystick access to Apps, iBooks®,
    music, web, mailer
  • Optional touch buttons, or external switches
  • Supports Siri®

  • Allows existing SimplyWorks® devices
    to be used with iPad®
  • Joystick scanning
  • Wireless keyboard access
  • Access switch adapted Apps using wireless
SimplyWorks For iPad
Assitive Technology For iPad

These devices provide an alternative method of using an iPad, iPod & iPhone, for those unable to use 'touch'. Allowing switch access to Apps (written for switch accessibility) and Music.

Use our selector guide, by clicking the button to the right, to help choose which of our Assistive Technology For iPad® devices best suits your requirements.

* This product uses Voiceover - a feature provided in iOS to allow scanning. The degree of functionality of a particular app in Voiceover mode is dependent on the diligence of the app provider.

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