Assistive Gaming

Video Game Assistive Technology

Video Games are a big part of many disabled people’s’ lives and its importance should not be underestimated. It is perhaps easy to dismiss it as frivolous, but for many it provides purpose and can have a profoundly positive effect on their lives.

Microsoft and Nintendo recently made significant gestures by introducing the Xbox Adaptive Controller and Flex Controller respectively, which allows multiple wired switches and up to two USB devices to be connected and individually configured. Pretorian is proud to announce it is the European distributor for Flex Controller.

For its part, Pretorian has also risen to the challenge of helping disabled gamers by introducing new features into some of its joysticks to allow them to be used with Xbox Adaptive Controller. The Optima and Ultra Joysticks have been modified to allow them to be switched from standard ‘mouse equivalent’ functionality to a new ‘gamepad equivalent’ setting, allowing them to be plugged directly into Xbox Adaptive Controller.

Pretorian has also been working with AAC device manufacturers and gaming charities and is delighted to announce Game On with Pretorian Technologies - an exciting new range of products to facilitate disabled gaming. Game On 1 is now available and enables eye-gaze gaming on Xbox and PC using an AAC device’s built in eye-gaze camera.

Of course all of Pretorian’s Smoothie switches can also be used directly with Xbox Adaptive Controller.

In future, we will be adding the gamepad equivalent feature into more of our joysticks and introducing other products within the Game On with Pretorian Technologies range, so please visit this page regularly for more information.