Android Switch Access Devices

Pretorian has a range of options available for use with tablet, laptop and desktop computers, for switch inputs and controls. With the popularity of tablet computers, iPads and more handheld devices both at home and in schools, we have also tailored a lot of options for these fun and educational devices. Whether you use switch adapted apps, music, camera or full navigation using iOS Switch Control, Pretorian has a product that will meet your needs.

Pretorian APPlicator – Our custom-designed Bluetooth switch input device, this was and remains a meteoric success story and the fact that it is almost completely unchanged since its launch is testament to just how well it fits the needs of users.

iSwitch - Quite simply, it is APPlicator built into a switch!

J-Pad - For users who have the dexterity to use a joystick, it is the next logical progression since it allows users to navigate iOS Switch Control and Universal Switch for Android using intuitive stick movements.

SimplyWorks - Both iPad and Android users can also make use of the SimplyWorks range via the SimplyWorks for iPad and Receive Micro respectively.

Mac and Android users can also reap the benefits of these products through their ultra-reliable Bluetooth connection. Click on any of the example products below, for more information how-to videos where applicable.

APPlicator MAX
APPlicator MAX
Ex. VAT: £219.00
VAT amount: £43.80
Ex. VAT: £119.00
VAT amount: £23.80
Ex. VAT: £197.00
VAT amount: £39.40
Pretorian APPlicator
Pretorian APPlicator
Ex. VAT: £153.00
VAT amount: £30.60
Pretorian USB Switch
USB Switch
Ex. VAT: £93.00
VAT amount: £18.60
Receive Micro
Receive Micro
Ex. VAT: £47.00
VAT amount: £9.40