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n-ABLER Trackball

The n-ABLER Trackball is the most adaptable Mouse Alternative on the market specifically designed to address the needs of computer users with limited hand control, motor skill difficulties, poor hand-eye co-ordination, lack of manual dexterity and involuntary muscle spasms.

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Pretorian Technologies Community

Pretorian Technologies takes its corporate and social responsibilities very seriously and in particular we like to help children and the local community. The following are projects we are actively engaged in at the moment. We're constantly evaluating new projects, so please visit this page regularly.
If you like what we're doing - join in!

Lincolnshire Bomber Command Memorial

Lincolnshire Bomber Command Memorial

Pretorian Technologies is based in Lincolnshire, in the heart of England. During World War II, Lincolnshire, being very flat and near to the east coast, was host to countless air bases for British, America, Canadian, Australian, Polish...

Children's Eco Training

Children's Eco Training

This year, Pretorian Technologies has teamed up with Elephant's Drift Safari Lodge and Children's Eco Training to give twenty disadvantaged South African children the opportunity to participate in a unique project.

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