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Pretorian Technologies PanelPro™ 38mm Trackball is a rugged panel mounting 38mm Trackball. Available in square, rectangle, and PanelProAV™ Anti-Vandal formats.


PanelPro™ is the only pointing device family in the world to combine all of the connection formats (protocols) used in modern computer systems into a single unit. Each unit is capable of phase quadrature, USB, PS/2, Microsoft serial, Mouse Systems and Sun protocols, allowing a single unit to operate with virtually any modern computer system, reducing inventory and minimising commissioning time.

38mm Trackerball Chassis

All PanelPro 38mm Trackballs have five button inputs, wheel inputs, optional backlighting, audio-visual features and ball colour options available to suit any application required.

The PanelPro™ 38mm chassis has a unique drainage skirt to protect the internal mechanism and prevent contamination of the PCB.

38mm Trackball Stainless Bezels

The PanelProAV™ 38mm Trackball combines all the features of the PanelPro™ 38mm with the addition of stainless steel 'armouring' to produce a significant advance in anti-vandal, ruggedised Trackballs.

Available with solid stainless balls; optional stainless steel, or anodised aluminium, bezels and shock transmission plates.


  • Durable 38mm phenolic resin or polyester ball.
  • IP65/NEMA 4 and IP40/NEMA 2 seal options.
  • Optional solid stainless steel ball. (PanelProAV)
  • Phase Quadrature, USB, PS2, Microsoft, Sun and Mouse Systems protocols from a single unit.
  • Z-axis inputs for scroll wheel options.
  • Five button support with most protocols.
  • Backlight and piezo-sounder features for audio-visual feedback.
  • Optional satin finished, stainless steel bezel to protect the seal, ball and internal mechanism. (PanelProAV)


  • Medical equipment.
  • Specialist keyboards.
  • Air traffic control/radar equipment
  • Marine navigation.
  • Public access applications.
  • Processing industries.
  • Mining, Quarrying, Milling.
  • Power generation.

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Download The PanelPro™ 38mm and PanelProAV™ 38mm Datasheets

38mm Square

38mm Rectangle

38mm Quadrature

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