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The Orbitrack is a revolutionary, new, input device, which allows computer users to control both the direction and speed of the cursor with a single, soft touch.

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Switch Adapted Toys

There are many switch adapted toys available on the market, and those which are not may readily be made switch adapted in most cases by using the Toy Adaptor Cables from Pretorian Technologies. These are available in AA and C/D battery sizes to suit most toys.

SimplyWorks offers a method to control toys wirelessly using Control Lite, Control or Control Pro together with a Toy Adaptor Cable and a SimplyWorks Wireless Switch. Please refer to the SimplyWorks product section for more details.

Perhaps the best solution to toy control however is to use a toy which already contains a SimplyWorks receiver. Pretorian Technologies has licensed the SimplyWorks technology to Excitim Special Needs Toys to allow them to provide toys with the electronics built in, so there are no wires whatsoever.

The following are to products modified by Excitim to work directly with SimplyWorks transmitters. Please contact Excitim directly for more details.

Tolo Tractor

Tolo Tractor

Tolo First Friends Construction Vehicle

Tolo Construction Vehicle

Tolo Train

Tolo Train
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