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SimplyWorks Receive

The SimplyWorks Receive is a USB receiver and interface which forms the hub of the SimplyWorks system when used for computer access and will support up to six SimplyWorks transmitters of any kind.

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SimplyWorks Wireless Product Range

The highly innovative and robust SimplyWorks system from Pretorian Technologies allows you to have switches, joysticks, trackballs, keyboards, communicators, toys and mains appliances connected together- simply and without wires.

Whether you are looking to access a computer, a tablet, work with toys, electrical appliances or communicators, SimplyWorks can help you achieve the learning outcomes you need.

For computer control, simply connect Receive to the computer via a USB port and connect your choice of trackballs, joysticks, switches and keyboards. No drivers need be loaded onto the computer, whether it’s a PC or a Mac. ‘Pairing’- the act of connecting a transmitting device to Receive- is simply a matter of pressing a button at both ends. Up to six transmitting devices are supported by each receiver.

Tablet control is also possible using Receive Micro for Android and SimplyWorks for iPad for Apple devices.

Wireless toy control can be achieved using a SimplyWorks Switch and one of several toy control receivers such as Control and Control Pro. You can even pair a SimplyWorks Joystick with one of the toy control receivers to turn it into a ‘wobble switch’.

If it’s a mains appliance you would like to control- no problem! Use either the Energise or the new iClick.

AAC is also easily achieved using Smooth Talker. This can be controlled via SimplyWorks wireless switches and can itself control a toy or electrical appliance wirelessly using Control, Control Pro, Energise or iClick. You can even make a message interact with software by pairing Smooth Talker with Receive.

The possibilities are almost endless!

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